Pale Moon SSE

Pale Moon SSE is a build of Pale Moon browser optimized for old CPUs with SSE instruction set. Official Pale Moon build is optimized for SSE2, so it won’t work for CPUs like Athlon XP.

Only 32 bit version builds for Windows operating system will be provided.

Since version 25.1.0 the source codes are based on Atom Pale Moon version so that it also supports Windows XP. Developer tools won’t be available anymore.

Version 25.5.0

A full change log is available on the Pale Moon official site.

History packages can be downloaded below.
Version 25.2.1
Version 25.1.0
Version 24.6.2

50 thoughts on “Pale Moon SSE

    1. At which version did Pale Moon stop support for SSE? Could be wrong but I think Moonchild stopped after the 3.6.x series. I keep my own archive of software and do have 19.0.2 on hand but don’t remember what the CPU requirements were.

    2. Sometimes you can make an addon run with newer Firefox versions by manipulating the file “install.rdf” inside the .xpi. It is the same for all Mozilla based apps that use .xpi files.

      The xpi is an archive file, programs like 7zip can open it and decompress its contents.

      Inside the install.rdf you find a sequence “minVersion” and “maxVersion”. If you open it with a text editor and set the “maxVersion” to “28.0” and save it, the install routine should work.

      In “./defaults/preferences” you find a file prefs.js, which shows you the prefs you find displayed, if you filter them in “about:config”.
      Sometimes the menu/configuration window of an addon does not work anymore, but the entries can still be manipulated directly within “a:c”.

      You may set up a testing entvironment and check carefully that the addon does work properly, does not crash the browser, and will work with other addons you like to combine.

      Hope that helps, Randy

      P.S.: Also check the addon “reload tabs progressivly”.

    3. I use “BarTab Heavy” + “storeTab” addons with good results in this PM version (25.2.1 SSE). I mainly open unloads-tabs with “BarTab Heavy”, and use storeTab for save them inter-sessions.
      Thanks for the new version, Roman.

  1. Pale Moon is presently at v24.7 and your download link is v24.6. Are there plans to release an updated Pale Moon SSE ?

  2. Just realized you provide a Windows .exe link. Updated question, any plans to port SSE to Linux and update to v24.7 ?

  3. Thank you very much Roman for providing these builds. Just yesterday you saved my day. I happen to have an old Athlon XP 3200+ computer, and as Moonchild dropped SSE support in Pale Moon some time ago, I had to stick to the standard Firefox (was not aware of the contributed builds).
    Until Firefox version 34.0.1, this was quite OK but now there was an update to 38.0.1. This version periodically uses up 100% CPU and consequently, freezes the entire browser, even with no pages loaded at all.
    Uninstalling and re-installing Firefox 38.0.1 with an empty profile did not help. Seems that Mozilla now also dropped support for such old CPUs somehow 🙁

    But fortunately, a search in the Palemoon forum now pointed me to your page. Installed the latest SSE build and it runs excellent.

    Thank you once again for your great work!

  4. Hi Roman,

    Any chance the latest version is released anytime soon? BTW, why are you always a couple of versions behind the official release and not up to date? No time? No willingness? Something else? Please, don’t get me wrong because it’s just curiosity. I really appreciate your work.

    Anyway, thank you.

    1. Hi Milan,

      It’s because of the time. The purpose of the initial build was to create a version which can be installed on my mother’s PC. So I don’t have a direct access to a PC where to test the build and also there is really no need to keep it up-to-date for her. So the creation of the builds is really random. I hope I will manage to create a new build soon. You can follow my Twitter account to get notified when new build is ready.


  5. Yep, that clarifies it. Thank you so much for the answer, Roman.

    Hope we’ll see the new build soon.

    Kudos to you man and keep up the excellent work.

  6. Thanks for you awesome work! 🙂

    Because of you I can enjoy palemoon on my old pc.
    Would be nice if you could built a new version of palemoon 25.5.0 or better 25.5.1 (bug fixed version) if you have time again.

    And maybe it could be more sensefull to base on the atom build because it is more optimized for low end pcs, which sse2 lacking pcs should be… So disable webdev tools and so on. Compile with -o3 and so on. Only suggestions. 🙂

    1. I already use the Atom build, because that is the only maintained version compatible with Windows XP. For now there is only 25.5.0. And you can download it now 😉

  7. Roman, thanks a million for the new build! Awesome job, keep it up!

    I would also like to thank you on behalf of the old PC users. It’s good to know that someone still cares about us.

  8. Thank you my friend, yes, as all other pals here did write. You did and are doing a great, excellent and friendly work. You are doing well that that Moonchild don’t do. Here in Argentina and other South American countries your efforts for “old” hardware users are highly appreciated. All the best, take care, and go on when you get the time.

  9. Hello,

    I am very happy to find a SSE-version of PaleMoon, for my ´AMD Athlon XP´ CPU.

    Does the german language pack of PaleMoon (SSE2) work with this, too ?

    Thanks for answer, Best Regards.

    1. Language packs should not be architecture specific. I use Czech language pack without any problems.

  10. Hello,

    Thank you very much for the builds!
    I have a few old laptop and this is really a life saver.

    It got my curiosity; It would be possible to create a build to run with only MMX instruction set?

    Thanks again!

  11. Thanks for compiling this SSE build, Roman! I’m still on WinXP with an AMD Athlon XP and I have to say, this build is much faster and more responsive than the official Firefox build. Very nice!
    I too would welcome v25.6 of your SSE build, but I was also wondering why you removed the webconsole (ctrl+shift+k). I noticed it a few moments ago. It’s something I do use from time to time.

  12. Thanks for the SSE version for Windows XP, but Windows runs really slowly on old hardware such as my Dell Inspiron 8100 (with high-res monitor). Any chance of a linux version?
    Firefox 41 works but slowly.

  13. > any plans to port SSE to Linux ?

    Running the latest releases of Palemoon on good old Athlon XP and Pentium 3 systems powered by Linux here. Runs like a charm with SSE-only CPUs.
    For Ubuntu (and derived distributions like excellent Bodhi) check the stevenpusser repository. Cheers.

  14. Thanks for this download. It allowed me to use a “Firefox Equivalent” on an OLD PC with an AMD Sempron 2300+ CPU. Good old 32-bit, Single-Core! 😉
    It’s being used as a Printer Server for a WiFi client. Since the user is in a different apartment, and doesn’t want to drill holes in walls, this should work for that PC.
    Thanks Very Much, HSS

  15. Just like to leave a memorial to SSE, was a great guy could still render youtube videos at like 10 fps but it was viewable, h.264 cannot be rendered..RIP. I also like to like to give thanks to Roman for making this possible, I appreciate all your hard work, I can at least download programs on my Garbo laptop!

    Definitely would donate my Social Security Check to get h.264 support, but i guess it is impossible with SSE.

    Later Friendo, I wish I was as smart as you.

    a bit chaotic. i have added a STICKY at page 136
    kmeleon (KM-Goanna)is much more stable. when palemoon/newmoon is crashing-from time to time-it will find back. often written data still there-not always.
    there are updates every week. and there is an installer. will run it later on other drive. i am running from seperate folder always, everything in Newmoon-folder and subfolders . read what i (3dreal) have found.
    have 3gb ram-200gb hdd here. cloning to 1tb soon.

  17. Check download file names, some are named -see, while the first one is -sse. You probably meant ‘sse’ with all.

  18. Testing an ancient 32 Bit PIII 700 with 500 MB RAM, if it works with xp to save it from the trashcan (sony vaio pcg-z600tek). Unfortunatly, it does also not support SSE, so any non SSE would be very welcome.

    I am already considering trying a minimalistic Linux, but i am afraid driver issues would be a pain in the a.. because of the exotic hardware like PCICIA DVD-ROM adapter and that iLink Sony stuff. Any advice is welcome.

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