Monthly Archives: September 2011

iTunes music over internet

I have been playing with my Maxtor Shared Storage II drive recently. It is an external disk which can be shared over Ethernet without having some PC running. This drive can also be used as a media server allowing music players play music directly from it. It’s good because you can have one place for your music for whole family.
Maxtor is running a server which uses DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol). This protocol was first introduced by Apple.
What I wanted to do was access my home music also at work. The problem is that new versions of iTunes does not support DAAP over internet, just inside local networks.  So I was looking for some alternative players and found those two, which allowed me to do that:

  1. Windows: Songbird with plugin
  2. Linux: Banshee

Connection problem when stunnel is run on boot time in Ubuntu

If you are using stunnel in client mode you may experience connection problems when connecting to your stunnel services.
To avoid these problems make the following changes in your stunnel.conf file:

  1. Comment out the following line: chroot = /var/lib/stunnel4/
  2. Update pid file location with this: pid = /var/lib/stunnel4/
  3. Add delay = yes into the service configuration

In this case DNS lookup will be done when the service is needed for the first time.