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Use Visual Studio shortcuts in Eclipse

I am using Eclipse for PHP development. At work we use Visual Studio, so I am familiar with it’s keyboard shortcuts. In Eclipse I was quite frustrated when I was for example trying to find something in the opened document. Ctrl+F summoned Find dialog as other editors usually does, but pressing F3 to find next match in document did not work. F3 key is used by Open declaration functionality by default.
So I was looking for some way to change the keyboard scheme to look more like other editors. I found a possibility to use Mircosoft Visual Studio scheme. This scheme is available if C++ Development Tools  is installed in Eclipse. If you don’t have C++ Development Tools installed in Eclipse you have to install them first. To do that go to Help > Install New Software…

After you finish installation and restart Eclipse IDE go to Windows > Preferences and change scheme on the Keys page to Microsoft Visual Studio.

Making CodeCompare default diff tool in Visual Studio

I like CodeCompare for it’s advanced comparison features, which helps me compare even changes in code when methods are moved across the file.
To make CodeCompare default diff tool in Visual Studio go to Options > Source Control > Subversion User Tools and put the following text into the External Diff Tool area:
“C:Program FilesDevartCodeCompareCodeCompare.exe” /T1:”$(BaseName)” /T2:”$(MineName)” “$(Base)” “$(Mine)”
Note that location of CodeCompare may differ according to the type of the system.

MSBuild throws error MSB4025

Recently I came across issue with build of a .NET project using integration server. The problem was caused by change in msbuild task where MSBuild version 2.0.50727 was replaced by  version 4.0.30319. The whole error message looked like this:

The project file could not be loaded. Could not find file ‘Project.csproj.metaproj’.

Strange thing was, that the build was successful on the development machine without any problems. After some lingering digging I found an support ticket on Microsoft sites saying that there is a problem with MSBuild when passing global properties whose values contain “escapable characters”. These include $, @, (, ), %. In my case I used round brackets in the configuration name. After removing, build was successfully finished.