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Diigo Sidebar alternative for Opera

I was thinking about a way how to easily find a bookmark or note I have stored in Diigo from the Opera browser. I wanted to have something like the official Diigo Sidebar which is available for Internet Explorer or Firefox. But it won’t be that easy to implement.
Suddenly I got an idea to have this access through Opera Search bar. So I just created custom Search engine in Opera which searches through my Diigo Library.


Put some custom name for the search engine and keyword which is used when you want to search using this Search engine from the Address bar in Opera and the engine is not set as default.
The address is following:
Thats all, enjoy it Veselý obličej

How to fix problem with displaying Czech characters (ěřž) in Opera

When I’ve installed Opera 10.63 on Debian (Lenny) I noticed some problems in rendering those characters even when typing text in textboxes on sites. I was playing with font settings in Opera, I have checked that Bitstream Vera Sans font is set anywhere possible, but still there was no success.
After some digging and playing with settings in Chrome, which was working good, I saw that it uses Arial and Times New Roman fonts which I did not have installed. It was strange, because when I clicked on the button to change the font it selected another one. But as I said in Chrome everything was ok, so I did not give that more attention.
Then after some more digging and looking for new fonts for debian I found out that there is msttcorefonts package available. This package contains basic fonts used in Windows. I don’t know why, but I have tried to install it. Then I went to Webpages tab in Opera Preferences and changed the fonts to be the same as in Chrome.
So as Normal font used Arial 16 and as Monospace font Courier New 13. Than I tried the pages that did not rendered good before and suddenly it worked like a charm!
I tried to change fonts in Opera back to default ones, but the problem did not appear again. I guess there is some hardcoded reference to those fonts in Opera, so installing msttcorefonts should be enough.

RoboForm Opera Button

RoboForm is one the best password management programs. It is integrated with the today’s most favorite internet browsers. Unfortunately there is no integration with Opera yet. Nevertheless there is one more supported way how to use RoboForm, without actually having RoboForm installed. It is called RoboFrom Bookmarklet. Basically it is a javascript which is called on the current site using a bookmark in your browser. When the bookmark is clicked, a RoboForm HTML window appears directly in the current site allowing you to fill forms based on your Passcards – to use this feature you have to have your Passcards synchronized using RoboForm Online service.
After some time of using RoboForm Bookmarklet in the Opera browser, you may find out that this way is not much convenient. At least it would be good to have the bookmark directly in the Opera toolbar. And that’s exactly what the RoboForm Opera Button provides.
Below is a link to the installation file. Installation itself is divided into two steps, which is caused by the Opera’s customization architecture. First step is installation of the additional button image into the Opera’s standard skin. This is done using the installer. After the installation is done (note that after the installation finishes, there are no files left on your PC – just the button) a customization web site is displayed in the Opera. The web site contains a link which will allow you to place the button in the position on the toolbar that suits your needs best.
Download RoboForm Opera Button