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Diablo on Widows Vista / 7

If you would like to play this old but legendary game on new versions of Windows you may face some problems.

  1. The first problem is that on the start or during play, colors may get corrupted like on the picture above. But the solution is quite easy, just open the Screen Resolution dialog using context menu on Desktop and leave the dialog opened before you start the game 🙂
  2. IPX is not available since Windows Vista, so multiplayer on LAN does not work. But there is a IPXWrapper library which will wrap communication over UDP protocol. Just download it and copy all dll files from the package to the Diablo installation folder.
  3. Do not forget to use the latest patch available.

Fixing problem with ID3 tags on Windows 7 and Windows Media Player

Some of my music files in Windows Media Player did not show information about album, artist etc. I had them all in one section called Unknown album. I also found out that there are no meta tags displayed in the album’s folder.

To fix this I installed ID3-TagIT which was proposed on some forum.
After you install it. Open it and select a folder with corrupt files. then select all of the files which will appear. In the menu choose Extended Functions > Transfer/Convert TAGs or simply pres F7 key. In the dialog click on Convert TAG Ver. 2.4 to Ver. 2.3 and press OK. Finally save the changes. Missing information should appear in the music folder and tags should be OK also in the Windows Media Player.