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IE9 bookmarks are not searched in address bar

Address bar in IE9 displays history and favorites results while you are typing by default. IE9 uses Windows Search to improve the results and also to shorten time necessary to get them. So the reason why favorites might not be displayed is because Favorites folder is not indexed. There are two solutions to fix this situation:

Disable use of Windows Search for these results. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > AutoComplete Settings button and unclick Use Windows Search for better results.

The second and better solution is to add Favorites to the Windows Search index locations. Go to Start and type Indexing Options, click on the Modify button and select Favorites folder under your Windows profile folder.

Disabling Flash in Internet Explorer

I don’t know how about you, but I have never got used to work with Internet Explorer. Even the new version 9 looks slow to me comparing to the other available browsers. But sometimes I am forced to used it – in work, or just because some of the programs use Internet Explorer rendering engine.
What is really annoying on Internet Explorer is the way how plugins works. I don’t want to install Adobe Flash player, because it is very slow in Internet Explorer and also I don’t want to be notified about new releases of Flash. When I visit a page with a banner in Flash then Internet Explorer want to automatically install this plugin. There is no way I know about to disable it from user interface.
Fortunately there is a security feature in Internet Explorer called Killbits. Basically it is a flag in registry, where you can disable each ActiveX control you want. But you need to know their unique identifiers.
I have prepared a simple registry file for you, so that you can easily disable Flash by downloading Registry file for disabling Flash and running it.