Making FastMail default mail application in Firefox

Recently I installed new Firefox 4 and was very pleased. I like the new look and the fact that there is a lot of plugins which are not available for Opera. My most favorite browser.
After a day of using it I faced a problem when I clicked on an e-mail link. I was used to be redirected into the FastMail account. Unfortunately there is no FastMail item under mailto actions in Firefox options.
Nevertheless it is very easy to add FastMail beside those actions. Follow these four steps:

  1. Open FastMail in new tab
  2. Copy the following javascript to add FastMail into the Firefox into the memory and put it on the address area of the tab where the FastMail link was opened
  3. Go to Options –> Applications and select new FastMail action on the mailto handler0004-firefox-fastmail
  4. Test new settings

4 thoughts on “Making FastMail default mail application in Firefox

  1. You offer a link in this sentence: Copy the following javascript to add FastMail into the Firefox into the memory… But when I click on the link, nothing happens, and I get no javascript. Where is it? What is it? Thanks.

    1. The javascript is under the “add FastMail into the Firefox” link. You have to open FastMail in a new tab or window, and then copy the javascript link and past it into the FastMail page address bar and run it with Enter.

  2. Not working as of latest Firefox on Dec 2. FastMail doesn’t appear in the mailto: dropdown in settings after running the JS.

  3. I was able to tweak this to work for me. I ran this in console. I adjusted:
    1. http to https
    2. Removed spaces that were converted to %20
    3. changed to


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