Linux music player with multiple artists support

Before I started using Linux at home I had been using Windows for couple of years. The music player I like on that platform most is Windows Media Player. It caused by it’s Contributing artists feature, which allows me to have multiple artists specified in the Artist IDv3 tag. In the music library I can add the Contributing artist view and play all tracks of an artist even those which comes from other albums.
I have been looking for the same functionality in Linux, but has not been successful for some time until I found music player called gmusicbrowser.
Currently it does not support splitting artists using the slash character ‘/’ which is used by Windows Media Player, but it can be easily modified as described by Quentin Sculo.
Edit file /usr/bin/gmusicbrowser using your favorite browser and find a line with the following comment:
#artist splitting
Locate end of the %split declaration and add the following line:
‘/’ => “Windows Media Player splitting”,
After you are finished with the changes, open gmusicbrowser again. Go to Miscellaneous Settings and specify Windows Media Player splitting in the combo. I also changed the layout to quodlibet-like, where the artists tab is easily accessible.

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