Pale Moon SSE

Pale Moon SSE is a build of Pale Moon browser optimized for old CPUs with SSE instruction set. Official Pale Moon build is optimized for SSE2, so it won’t work for CPUs like Athlon XP.

Only 32 bit version builds for Windows operating system will be provided.

Since version 25.1.0 the source codes are based on Atom Pale Moon version so that it also supports Windows XP. Developer tools won’t be available anymore.

Version 25.2.1

A full change log is available on the Pale Moon official site.

History packages can be downloaded below.
Version 25.1.0
Version 24.6.2

19 thoughts on “Pale Moon SSE

    1. At which version did Pale Moon stop support for SSE? Could be wrong but I think Moonchild stopped after the 3.6.x series. I keep my own archive of software and do have 19.0.2 on hand but don’t remember what the CPU requirements were.

    2. Sometimes you can make an addon run with newer Firefox versions by manipulating the file “install.rdf” inside the .xpi. It is the same for all Mozilla based apps that use .xpi files.

      The xpi is an archive file, programs like 7zip can open it and decompress its contents.

      Inside the install.rdf you find a sequence “minVersion” and “maxVersion”. If you open it with a text editor and set the “maxVersion” to “28.0” and save it, the install routine should work.

      In “./defaults/preferences” you find a file prefs.js, which shows you the prefs you find displayed, if you filter them in “about:config”.
      Sometimes the menu/configuration window of an addon does not work anymore, but the entries can still be manipulated directly within “a:c”.

      You may set up a testing entvironment and check carefully that the addon does work properly, does not crash the browser, and will work with other addons you like to combine.

      Hope that helps, Randy

      P.S.: Also check the addon “reload tabs progressivly”.

  1. Pale Moon is presently at v24.7 and your download link is v24.6. Are there plans to release an updated Pale Moon SSE ?

  2. Just realized you provide a Windows .exe link. Updated question, any plans to port SSE to Linux and update to v24.7 ?

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